What You'll Learn

You are here for a reason. To help you on your journey, this course will help you to...

  • Understand your soul’s calling

  • Explore and listen to the voice of your soul

  • Clear your life lens of fear and “stuck” energy

  • Evaluate your life lessons and themes

  • Awaken and discover your life assignment

  • Energize and engage your calling

  • Act on what you know as you evolve by allowing, visioning, and prospecting

  • Create a plan to embrace your power as you live your life and your unique potential

Course Description

Those who understand their purpose in life are able to more fully live it.

Each of us is born with a life assignment, a “calling,” that is governed by patterns of universal energy within us. This course will help you discover how to identify your own universal energy by examining your stories, fears, and lessons of living. In doing so, you'll understand that your calling is affected by your relationship to your own personal and spiritual power. Most importantly, you'll walk away from this course with an ability to find your authentic self.

What's Included In Your Course

  • 7 chapters, 49 lessons

  • 7 journaling prompts

  • 1 Audio Hypnotherapy

  • 1 Audio Meditation

See What Others Say About This Course

Finding a Self I Never Knew

Ron J, Therapist

I am so proud to have known you for this past decade and to have been one of the many whose lives were either saved or forever changed by you. Your presence, steadiness, love, and higher consciousness allowed me to keep it together enough to remember a self that I had once lost and to find another that I never knew.

It's Never Too Late

Pat D, Retired Mental Health Educator

I met Cynthia twenty years ago and am now in my 80’s. It’s never too late to grow and be excited about learning! Working with Cynthia through her classes and coaching has helped me adopt a more positive approach to my everyday life. I have explored deep places in myself—physically, spiritually, and emotionally—and I have healed in profound ways.

Conscious-Raising Awareness

Tina L, Artist

I have been blessed to know Dr. Cynthia Bischoff for years. I cannot imagine where I would be in my life without the valuable insights and conscious-raising awareness I have received through her classes and coaching. She is an invaluable source of wisdom and inspiration. I am forever grateful for all that I have learned and continue to learn from her guidance

Course Curriculum

About Answering Your Soul's Calling

  • 1

    Introduction To Your Course

    • Introduction To Answering Your Soul's Calling

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Honoring Your Soul’s Calling

    • Introduction

    • What Is Meant by Your Soul and Your Soul’s Calling?

    • What Do You Long for and What Is Calling You?

    • We All Long for Similar Things

    • Journal

    • Chapter Concluding Remarks

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Exploring and Listening to the Voice of Your Soul

    • What You Can Know about Listening to Your Soul

    • Knowing Your Inner Calling and Living It

    • What Is Your Life Message?

    • What Do You Long for?

    • Listening to Your Feelings, Thoughts, and Symptoms

    • Answering Your Calling and Living Your Life Message

    • Journal

    • Chapter 2 Concluding Remarks

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Clearing Your Life Lens: Getting Past Fear, “Stuck” Energy, and Other Symptoms of Disconnection

    • The Energies of Fear and Love

    • Keeping Track of Signs from the Universe

    • Connecting with Your Soul and Clearing Your Life Lens

    • Overcoming Resistances

    • Honoring the Process of Awakening

    • Journal

    • Discovering Your Soul's Calling - Meditation

    • Chapter 3 Concluding Remarks

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Exploring Your True Self

    • Exploring Your True Self

    • Discovering Aspects of Your Authentic Self through Spontaneity

    • Finding Where Your Needs, Skills, and Desires Intersect

    • Remembering Important Childhood Experiences

    • Engaging in Your Calling

    • Being the Best You

    • Journal

    • Chapter 4 Concluding Remarks

  • 6

    Chapter 5: Awakening and Discovering Your Life Assignment

    • Being a Part of a Greater Universe

    • Associating Your Life Lessons with Your Life Purpose

    • Discovering Your Life’s Calling through Your Values

    • Connecting Your Calling with the Universe

    • Journal

    • Chapter 5 Concluding Remarks

  • 7

    Chapter 6 Evolving Your Calling: Allowing, Visioning, and Prospecting

    • Is Your World a Friendly Place?

    • Taking Action to Evolve Your Calling: Allowing

    • Taking Action to Evolve Your Calling: Visioning

    • Taking Action to Evolve Your Calling: Prospecting

    • Accessing Your Future Self to Help You Evolve Your Calling

    • Journal

    • Living Your Soul's Calling - Hypnotherapy

    • Chapter 6 Concluding Remarks

  • 8

    Chapter 7 Embracing Your Power and Creating a Mission Statement to Reflect Your Soul’s Calling

    • The Importance of a Mission Statement

    • Clarifying Your Calling through Answering Questions that Expand Your Thoughts

    • Finding Your Calling Is Not Limited by Age

    • Journal

    • Chapter 7 Concluding Remarks

  • 9

    Course Conclusion

    • Thank You For Your Participation

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