What You'll Learn

Your dreams are an extremely powerful source of information and healing. In this course, you will explore:

  • How sleep occurs in cycles and what these cycles mean

  • How to remember your dreams better and to record them

  • How to apply approaches to analyzing your dreams

  • How dream analysis has an interesting history

  • How to recognize the thirteen types of dreams referred to as “spiritual guidance dreams”

  • Why recurrent dreams and even dream fragments are significant

  • How to use a format for recording dreams in a journal

  • Ways to enhance dream recall in order to use dreams to heal your life

Course Description

Did you know that just one dream, well understood, can change your life?

Knowing how to interpret dreams creates and accelerates your life's journey. In the long term, it empowers you to take control of your life and understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Understanding your dreams creates the possibility to travel in your past, present and future. After taking this e-course, you will understand how your dreams are a powerful source of information and healing. You will understand how sleep occurs in cycles and what these cycles mean; how to remember your dreams better and to record them; how to apply approaches to analyzing your dreams; how dream analysis has an interesting history; how to recognize the thirteen types of dreams referred to as “spiritual guidance dreams”; why recurrent dreams and even dream fragments are significant; how to use a format for recording dreams in a journal; and ways to enhance dream recall in order to use dreams to heal your life!

What's Included In Your Course

  • 8 chapters, 68 lessons in all

  • 8 Journaling Prompts

  • 1 Audio Hypnotherapy

  • 1 Audio Meditation


See what others say about this course.

"This dream class is amazing!"

Diane R, Retired Systems Administrator

I thought that I didn’t dream because I never remembered having any. Through Cynthia’s guidance and hypnotherapy, I began remembering my dreams and I’ve learned to interpret the meanings. This transformative class has given me a powerful way to improve my understanding of life. I highly recommend this life-changing learning experience!

"Bring clarity and understanding"

Carla E, Event Planner

One of the most interesting classes I have taken from Cynthia is “Understanding and Using Your Dreams for Enlightenment.” I have very active and intense dreams, and her teaching and insights have been super beneficial. Thank you, Cynthia, for all you do and I look forward to many, many more classes with you.

"Expert teaching and guidance!"

Sue C, Supervisor of Lease Negotiations

I have learned to understand my dreams and see the wisdom they provide. Cynthia's in-depth knowledge of how to interpret dreams and understand symbols helped me understand my life in the context of my psychological, spiritual, and physical self as represented in my dreams. Her amazing abilities, gentle wisdom, and compassion have changed my life!

"This is a lifesaver!"

Susan T, Retired Hospital Supervisor

Cynthia helped me heal childhood memories, analyze my dreams for greater depth about my own inner process, and perhaps most important, she helped me during my retirement process by guiding me through the challenges of change. Most of all she has helped me rise to live my best life! I remain eternally grateful for her kindness and insight.

"Valuable and healing"

Jody M, Senior Care Advocate

For years I had an unusual and disturbing recurrent dream. With Cynthia’s teaching, I finally uncovered the symbolic meaning behind the dream and was able to see in an innermost way what was troubling me. The insight and wisdom provided by Cynthia’s dream course is incredibly valuable and healing.

Course Overview

Explore the course content

  • 2

    Ch 1 - Dreams as a Source of Healing & Transformation

    • Opening Remarks on Chapter 1

    • Introduction to Dreams and the History of Dreaming

    • Prominent Philosophers on Dreaming

    • Cultural Adaptation to Dreams

    • Journal - Learning from Your Dreams

    • Chapter 1 Closing Remarks

  • 3

    Ch 2 - Understanding Your Sleep Stages and Cycles

    • Introduction to Chapter 2

    • Why We Sleep

    • The Five Stages of Sleep

    • Why Sleep Stages Are Important

    • How to Prepare for a Great Night of Sleep

    • Guided Meditation for Restful Sleep

    • Journal - Achieving Restful Sleep

    • Closing Remarks on Chapter 2

  • 4

    Ch 3 - Approaches to Dream Analysis

    • Introduction to Chapter 3

    • What is Dream Analysis?

    • Important Dream Analysts and Methods in History

    • Journal - Analyzing Your Dreams

    • Chapter 3 Closing Remarks

  • 5

    Ch 4 - Overall Characteristics and Categories of Dreams

    • Introduction to Chapter 4

    • Five General Characteristics of Dreams

    • Five General Categories of Dreams

    • LUCID Dreams



    • RECURRENT Dreams


    • Journal - Understanding Characteristics and Categories of Your Dreams

    • Chapter 4 Closing Remarks

  • 6

    Ch 5 - Spiritual Guidance Dreams

    • Introduction to Chapter 5

    • CHASE Dreams

    • FLYING Dreams


    • BIRTH or DEATH Dreams

    • ILLNESS, DISEASE, or RESTORATION of Health Dreams


    • FIGHTING Dreams


    • BEING IN WATER Dream





    • Journal - Using Your Dreams for Spiritual Guidance

    • Chapter 4 Closing Remarks

  • 7

    Ch 6 - Recording Your Dreams

    • Introduction to Chapter 6

    • How to Keep a Dream Journal

    • Sample Format for Dream Journal Entries

    • Tips for Interpreting Your Information

    • Journal - Using Your Dreams for Spiritual Guidance

    • Chapter 6 Closing Remarks

  • 8

    Ch 7 - General Dream Symbols and Meanings

    • Introduction to Chapter 7

    • General Symbols and their Meanings

    • Numbers and their Symbolic Meanings

    • Nature’s Foods and Associated Meanings

    • Journal - Using Dream Symbols and Meanings

    • Chapter 7 Closing Remarks

  • 9

    Ch 8 - Enhancing Dream Recall, Creative Dream Applications, and Quotes about Dreams

    • Introduction to Chapter 8

    • Tips to Enhance Dream Recall

    • Interesting Ideas about Dreams

    • Analyzing a Life Event Like a Dream

    • Positive Affirmations to Help You with Dreaming

    • Famous Quotes about Dreams

    • Journal - Using Creative Applications

    • Chapter 8 Closing Remarks

    • Hypnotherapy to Enhance Dreams and Recall

  • 10

    Course Conclusion

    • Concluding Message from Your Instructor, Dr. Cynthia Bischoff

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Cynthia Bischoff

Dr. Cynthia Lynch Bischoff is an international life coach, award-winning holistic practitioner, award-winning author, radio show host, and inspirational speaker who teaches and performs healing sessions in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. She is the founder of Heartliving®–her coaching and seminar business established in 1998. Through Heartliving®, Cynthia has developed and delivered life-coaching and energy medicine sessions, seminars, and products to thousands internationally.

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