What You'll Learn

Envision understanding who you were before, how it affects you now, and what you are meant to change. This course can help you to do all these and more. When you take this independent, self-paced course, you will...

  • Discover past life concepts and uncover clues to possible past lives with “thought stimulators” to guide you

  • Understand the role of Mystery Schools and Secret Societies in history

  • Explore the role of your subconscious mind and of soul groups: you, people in your life, and the role of your soul

  • Identify past life influences—the Personality Self and the Higher Self, time, and your life review

  • Understand the role of love, intentions, and karma in regard to lifetime choices

  • Gain wisdom about primary laws governing the Universe

  • Learn how every decision changes your consciousness and your frequency of light

  • Engage in the process of remembering past lives to help you heal

Course Description

What would you do if you could make the unknown known?

Have you ever experienced a feeling of déjà vu? Had recurring dreams of a particular place or time? Felt instantly close to someone? Are there places or periods in history that you might be drawn to? In this dynamic program, you will learn metaphysical concepts for understanding past life and how a lifetime is said to contribute to the evolution of the soul.
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What's Included In Your Course

  • 8 chapters, 56 lessons

  • 8 journaling prompts

  • 3 Audio Hypnotherapy Sessions


See what clients say about past life regressions with Dr. Cynthia Bischoff

Blending Practical with Magical

Cindy B, IT Consultant

Cynthia‘s course in “Exploring Your Past Life” answered so many of my questions about past life concepts and added ideas I’d never thought of! The hypnotherapy sessions were especially interesting and allowed me to explore past life possibilities. I love that the audio file can be used again and again. Cynthia is always skilled in blending the practical with the magical. I highly recommend this exciting program!

Learning about my soul

Evelyn R, Registered Nurse

In Dr. Bischoff's classes, I am transported into other dimensions - from discovering my soul's purpose to past life regressions, I've learned so much about my soul.

Compassionate Self-Care

Tracy F, Healing Arts

Dr. Bischoff constantly reminds me (and everyone else!) that we are divine beings having a human experience and affirms that we are each perfect, exactly as we are. Cynthia promotes compassionate self-care and embodies love like nobody’s business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome To This Course

  • 2

    Understanding Past Life Concepts

    • Your Soul’s Evolution and the Pearl Necklace

    • Past Life Records and Your Subconscious Mind

    • Accessing the Subconscious Mind

    • Triggering Past Life Memories

    • You Are Always Learning

    • The Soul Corrects Itself on the Journey

    • Chapter 1 Journaling

    • Chapter 1 Concluding Remarks

  • 3

    The Role of Mystery Schools and Secret Societies

    • Secret Societies and Mystery Schools

    • Mystery Schools Allowed People to Explore Spirituality

    • Teachings of the Mystery Schools

    • Journaling Chapter 2: Past Life Exercise

    • Chapter 2 Concluding Remarks

  • 4

    Your Subconscious Mind, the Records of Your Soul, and Your Placement in Soul Groups

    • Understanding the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    • Past Life Memories and the Subconscious Mind

    • Audio Hypnotherapy: Meeting Your Subconscious Mind

    • Soul Group

    • Chapter 3 Journaling

    • Chapter 3 Concluding Remarks

  • 5

    Understanding Aspects of the Soul

    • The Personality Self and the Higher Self

    • Differences between the Personality, the Body, and the Soul

    • How the Soul Evolves

    • The Factor of Time

    • Healing and Time

    • The Life Review

    • Remembering the “Life Review” in Everyday Life

    • Chapter 4 Journaling

    • Chapter 4 Concluding Remarks

  • 6

    The Role of Love, Intentions, and Karma

    • The Evolution of the Soul and the Power of Love

    • A Personality in Full Balance

    • Lessons and the Law of Karma

    • Karma and the Balancing of Energy

    • The Key is Not to Judge

    • The Meaning Attributed to the Presence of Evil

    • Chapter 5 Journaling

    • Chapter 5 Concluding Remarks

  • 7

    Understanding the Laws Governing the Universe

    • Each of Us Is Writing Our Story

    • The Universe, God, and the Soul

    • Understanding Universal Laws

    • Positive Affirmations Based on the Laws of the Universe

    • Audio Hypnotherapy: Exploratory Hypnotherapy that Leads You into a Past Life Room

    • Chapter 6 Journaling

    • Chapter 6 Concluding Remarks

  • 8

    Your Light and Consciousness

    • Your Light and Consciousness

    • The Impact of Negative Emotions

    • Pay Attention to Your Emotions

    • Paths in Life

    • Your Guides and Teachers

    • Chapter 7 Journaling

    • Chapter 7 Concluding Remarks

  • 9

    Learning about the Akashic Records and Engaging in Past Life Hypnotherapy

    • What Are the Akashic Records?

    • Actions, Thoughts, and Desires Create Vibration

    • Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records

    • Cayce’s View of the Akashic Records

    • Cayce’s Ideas About Karma

    • “Planetary Sojourns in Consciousness”

    • Other Metaphysical Views of the Akashic Records

    • The “Akashic Records” as a Dimension of Consciousness

    • Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression

    • Chapter 8 Journaling

    • Quotes on Spirituality and the Spiritual Journey

    • Chapter 8 Concluding Remarks

  • 10

    Course Conclusion

    • Thank You For Taking This Course

Make the Unknown Known

Release your fears, embrace your truth, and make the changes your soul needs.

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Cynthia Bischoff

Dr. Cynthia Lynch Bischoff is an international life coach, award-winning holistic practitioner, award-winning author, radio show host, and inspirational speaker who teaches and performs healing sessions in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. She is the founder of Heartliving®–her coaching and seminar business established in 1998. Through Heartliving®, Cynthia has developed and delivered life-coaching and energy medicine sessions, seminars, and products to thousands internationally.