What is Heartliving® Academy?

Heartliving® Programs On Demand

The Heartliving® Academy is an on-demand, asychronous learning platform that gives you remote access to the Heartliving method. Dr. Cynthia Bischoff, PhD has collected the best programming throughout her three decades of teaching to give you greater access to transformative guidance so that you can affordably expand your knowledge anywhere and anytime.

Why Use Heartliving® Academy?

Explore the benefits of the Heartliving® Academy

  • Anytime

    Your schedule is busy when juggling family, work, and self commitments. Now you can get access to the teachings of Dr. Cynthia Bischoff whenever you want it.

  • Anywhere

    Get geographic flexibility when you enroll. Now you can access the Heartliving® methods while on the go or in your most comfortable learning environment.

  • Affordable

    Although in-person and live programs are still valuable, you can now access Heartliving® programs for a lower price than similar in-person or live content.

Heartliving® Academy Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Greater Understanding of Myself"

Debbie B

Cynthia is one of those people that you meet during a life transition who leads you to a greater understanding of yourself. Her unlimited wisdom and experience, her profound Heartliving® classes, and most of all, her depth of knowledge have greatly enhanced my spiritual growth and healing. Cynthia makes learning with substance a positive and life-changing experience!

"Life Enriched Beyond Measure"

Ailsa D, Entrepreneur

Working with Cynthia to channel enthusiasm and manifest the life I have always wanted has been one of my most rewarding journeys to date. She balances the practical with the magical to give you an approachable strategy to conquer your fears and achieve your goals. I have never known anyone like her and am honored to be in a long list of folks whose lives she has enriched beyond measure.

"Cynthia's Expertise At My Fingertips"

Julie D, Office Administrator

Every time I take one of Cynthia’s classes—and I’ve taken so many—I learn so much about myself and gain the tools to work on being a better version of me. What’s so helpful is that every day I use the tools I learn and even pass ideas on to others to continue the consciousness learning for us all. I was so excited when Cynthia began her Heartliving® Academy. Now, I have Cynthia’s expertise at my fingertips so I can continue learning at any time I choose.

"Thought-provoking and professional"

Sue C

Cynthia Bischoff is at the top of life-changing teachers/mentors who have greatly enriched my life. I’ve taken many of her classes, and her material is always thought-provoking and so professionally presented. If you are interested in ‘self-care’ then treat yourself to one of Cynthia’s classes. Your ‘self’ will never be the same!”

"Dream Big"

Lori R, Reiki Master

Cynthia and her Heartliving® classes have transformed my life in insurmountable ways. She has given me the tools to not only Dream Big, but also to take my dreams and manifest the life I have always envisioned."

Your Instructor

Founder of Heartliving®

Cynthia Bischoff

Dr. Cynthia Lynch Bischoff is an international life coach, award-winning holistic practitioner, award-winning author, radio show host, and inspirational speaker who teaches and performs healing sessions in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. She is the founder of Heartliving®–her coaching and seminar business established in 1998. Through Heartliving®, Cynthia has developed and delivered life-coaching and energy medicine sessions, seminars, and products to thousands internationally.